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Is Immune-Assist a drug?
No, Immune-Assist is a dietary supplement, intended as an immune system enhancer for people facing serious health challenges.


Can Immune-Assist be used by Everyone?
Yes, Immune-Assist is safe and natural. It can be used as a daily supplement by anyone wanting a stronger immune system and a healthier lifestyle.


What about Cancer Patients? I have heard that Immune-Assist is being used by people with Cancer to help offset the side effects of Chemo-therapy and Radiation. Is it helpful for this?
is a dietary supplement only and despite of what you may have heard on the TV, radio or read in the medical journals, Immune-Assist is not being promoted as a cancer treatment.  Regardless of how Immune-Assist is being used in other countries, in America, there are strong federal laws (FDA) which prohibit a manufacturer from even suggesting that Immune-Assist may be a helpful supplement for people undergoing cancer treatment. Cancer is a serious disease and if you wish to add Immune-Assist to your treatment, you should discuss it with your doctor. can provide your doctor with their research. 


Is Immune-Assist made in America?
Yes, Immune-Assist is made in America, using only USDA Certified Organic materials.  To our knowledge, this is the only product of its kind which is made in America.  All the other medicinal mushroom derived immune supplements are imported from the Orient.  While we have nothing against imported Chinese or Japanese supplements, many persons would rather have an all organic, certified American Made product.


I see other companies claiming that their products are made from hot water extracted mushrooms. Is Immune-Assist made from hot water extracts?
There are some companies selling their products on the internet which would have you believe there is a special process called "Hot Water Extraction".  This is a great marketing claim, but really, the term "Hot Water Extract" could be considered the same as saying 'mushroom tea'. Immune-Assist is made by a far more complex proprietary process than just a simple hot water extract.  While the purification process used with Immune-Assist does starts with a hot water extraction, Aloha then goes through several further steps to separate, concentrate and purify the bioactive polysaccharide compounds, which are then dried, analyzed for purity, and finally, encapsulated.  It takes over 250 pounds of six different types of fresh medicinal mushrooms to make one pound of finished Immune-Assist.  The finished Immune-Assist contains more than 200 different types of clinically-proven polysaccharide immune modulators.


What about Arabinoxylane, the compound that is found in MGN3? Does Immune-Assist contain this polysaccharide?

Yes. Immune-Assist contains not only Arabinoxylane, but also Lentinan, Grifolan (Dr. Nanba's original Maitake D-Fraction), PSK and PSP, and Active Hemicellulose Correlated Compound (AHCC). There is about three times more Arabinoxylane in each dose of Immune-Assist than there is in MGN3 and four times more AHCC than in the leading brand!


I see so many supplements that make claims based upon test tube studies or animal trials. Has Immune-Assist been clinically tested on humans, and is it patented or otherwise unique?
Yes.  Immune-Assist is a completely unique and new type of dietary supplement. According to Aloha Medicinals, Immune-Assist  has been tested in a number of different clinical trials.  It has been tested as an adjunct to conventional therapy for cancer, for hepatitis B, for alcoholic liver disease, and it is presently being tested for HIV and for hepatitis C. The results have been amazingly positive in each one of these studies. You can view some of these clinical trial results on the Aloha Medicinals' website. Furthermore, there are U.S. and international patents pending on Immune-Assist.


I see there are some websites talking about the "new" MGN-3, Bio-Bran. Is Immune-Assist made from bran like MGN-3 is?
Yes and no. Immune-Assist is similar to MGN-3 and AHCC in that it is formulated through an enzymatically activated process whereby complex cross-linked polysaccharides from vegetable sources are converted to biologically active immunomodulators composed of simpler sugars such as arabinose and xylose.  This is what MGN-3 is, a combination of these two sugars in chain formation, called Arabinoxylane.  Immune-Assist does contains simple polysaccharides like Arabinoxylane, but it also contains much more complex polysaccharides like the cross-linked beta mannans and beta-glucans, as well as hetero-polysaccharides which combine both alpha and beta-bound monosaccharides into the same molecule. These complex polysaccharide compounds are not found in the earlier bran-based supplements like MGN-3 and AHCC. This is probably why Immune-Assist shows such a greater range of immuno-modulation bioactivity than MGN-3 and other bran based supplements.

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*Reprinted with permission from Aloha Medicinal - the creators of Immune Assist.  Click here to learn more about Aloha Medicinals


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