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January 15, 2004: "ASAP Kills  a billion Viruses"
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ASAP Silver Solution

 Why ASAP Is The Best Silver Supplement In The World…

*         Patented Manufacturing Process

*         Immune Defense Against Harmful and Resistant Bacteria

*         Doctor Recommended as a Natural Alternative

*         Proven Effective in Human Studies

*         Scientifically Supported

*         Tested and Developed by Scientists, Major Universities, Certified Independent Laboratories and International Health Consortiums.

*         Proven to Inhibit and Kill Yeast

*         Completely Safe/Non Toxic

*         96.8% Bioavailability

*         Approved as a homeopathic drug in Ghana, Africa

Recommended By Top Doctors and University Tested

Dr. Ken Friedman, author of the book “The New Silver Solution,” states, “The ASAP Silver Solution may be used every day to support a healthy immune system against harmful and resistant bacteria.”  Get your copy here.

 Human Case Studies

American Biotech Labs’ patented ASAP Silver Solution is the only silver based product in the world to have completed successful human case studies.

Tested in Africa….

American Biotech Labs, working in conjunction with top medical doctors, tested the effects of the ASAP Silver Solution in one of the world’s most bacteria ridden environments; Africa.  Ghana has been plagued by bacteria for years and has seen its people fall ill to the harmful effects.  Working with the Ghana Government, medical doctors from Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford brought forth the ASAP Silver Solution to the Ghana people in hope that their effort would bring about a new solution to the life threatening ailments that the people of Ghana face.

Ailments treated with the ASAP Silver Solution

The patients were treated for a variety of ailments including: malaria, sinus problems, respiratory infections, conjunctivitis and vaginal infections.

Case Studied…

Over a one year period, the doctor’s case studied 120 patients and administered the ASAP Silver Solution. The doctors were amazed by the antibacterial effect of the ASAP Silver Solution on the people of Ghana. No failures were reported and most patients realized a full recovery within 1-7 days.  Read the documentation on which germs are killed.

New hope for health…

The medical doctors believe that the ASAP Silver Solution is the beginning of a new life and new hope for the people in Ghana. So effective was the ASAP Silver Solution, the Ghana Government approved the ASAP Silver Solution as a homeopathic drug in September 2002.

The Market…

The American people and the world are facing new health threats from super resistant strains of bacteria.  It is estimated that the US economy will lose over 100 billion dollars in 2003 due to harmful bacterial strains and super resistant bacteria.  The United States Government published several papers in 2002 stating that medical research regarding antibiotics have failed and super resistant bacteria have won the battle. The numbers of super resistant bacteria are growing and are making their way in to every possible facet of human existence.  

Buy your supply now and always keep a bottle in the house.

New Deadly Bacteria…

Antibiotics have not only become ineffective against many strains of bacteria, the overuse of antibiotics has created super resistant classes of bacteria that can resist all antibiotics and evade our own immune systems. Fatigue, Colds, Sinus Infections, Sore Throats, Respiratory Infections, Skin Infections, Ear Infections, Gastrointestinal Disorders and Food Poisoning are all ailments caused by harmful and resistant bacterial strains that can leave your body feeling poisoned and weakened.

ASAP Silver Solution Developed By Science    Order now

American Biotech Labs is a world leader in silver technology and has a long history with the uses of silver and natural silver supplements. Silver has been used for centuries and has been one of the most effective natural methods in killing bacteria. It can be traced back as far as the Egyptians.  For the past three decades, American Biotech Labs set out to test the ASAP Silver Solution, the most technically advance silver based product in the world by utilizing a team of Scientists, Doctors, Certified Independent Laboratories, Major Universities, and International Health Consortiums.

Through years of bacteria and pathogenic studies, American Biotech Labs' researchers extensively analyzed some of the deadliest bacteria known to man. Their research was crucial in the development of the ASAP Silver Solution.  They realized basic elements of bacteria had to be unraveled in order to develop a silver based supplement that could kill the deadliest pathogens known to mankind.

Patented Manufacturing Process

The problem that top researchers faced was that commercially available silver was not very effective against most harmful bacteria and can degrade quickly after manufacturing or bind to any negatively charged molecule in the body limiting the beneficial effects.  American Biotech Labs understood that a new method of manufacturing must be secured in order to make a more stable and bio-available form of silver.

Oxygen Combined with Silver is Crucial

During manufacturing, American Biotech Labs combines 3 different forms of oxygen (O1, O2, and O3) with purified silver which disrupts the pathogen’s ability to produce energy. Researchers believe that the addition of these crucial elements creates stable and bio-available silver particles. American Biotech Labs is the only company in the world that combines oxygen with silver in a patented manufacturing process.  This separates the ASAP Silver Solution from every other silver based product on the market and gives the ASAP Silver Solution its proven ability to kill harmful bacteria. The ASAP Silver Solution is 96.8% Bio-available and guarantees Silver Suspended Stability.    Order now


The True Part Per Million Difference

10 ppm proven to be all you need…

Silver particles are not measured in milligrams but in parts per million. All scientific tests and research on the ASAP Silver Solution were conducted using the 10 parts per million solution. At 10 parts per million, the ASAP Silver Solution was tested by a Major University against the leading commercially available colloidal silvers, some of which contained more than 1500 parts per million silver, and the ASAP Silver Solution was found to be at least 200% more effective in killing bacteria. In fact, the ASAP Silver Solution was able to kill every strain of bacteria that it was tested against at much lower concentrations than other commercially available silver products. The ASAP Silver Solution patented manufacturing process makes the ASAP Silver Solution non-reactive to glass or PETE plastic and guarantees Silver Suspended Stability.

The ASAP Silver Solution is the only silver supplement that guarantees you 10 ppm with every teaspoon.  Order now

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