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ASAP SIlver Solution

ASAP Silver Solution™ (10 ppm)      8 ounce bottle
Suggested Retail Price $29.95
(plus S&H)
........Our price  $24.95 plus S&H 
.................Two for
$19.95 ea.   + S&H
..........Three for $18.95 ea.   + S&H
.....................Case of 12 for $16.95 ea.  + S&H
.........Economy Pack 24 bottles $15.95 ea  +S&H  Established customers will get better (unpublished) prices via email.

16 ounce bottles

1- $ 40.95+S&H 
2- $ 76.80+S&H 
3- $111.00+S&H

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ASAP Solution (TM) (The original Silver Sol)  Product Information
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General Information           Manufacturer Product Info       EPA Approval
University Studies: Silver Solution Test Results versus Antibiotics
ASAP Now shown to kill viruses

Read American Biotech Laboratories President Bill Moeller's address to the US CONGRESS.

How Many regular strength? Our Price Click Button
Buy 1 bottle (10 ppm) and save $5.00 over suggested retail price. Now $24.95
Buy 2 bottles (10 ppm) at 19.95 ea $39.90 +S&H
Buy 3 bottles (10 ppm) at 18.95 each $56.85 +S&H
Buy the book 
a Fighting Chance” by Dr. Gordon Pedersen

   A new and vastly improved type of silver has been developed that is non-toxic and extremely effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold and other pathogens. This silver solution—called simply Silver Sol—is available both as a liquid and gel.

     Because we are faced with more diseases than ever before, we need a better solution than ever before.

This book outlines some of the health threats facing our modern society and what we can do to have a fighting chance in this battle. 120 pages.


Add an empty 1-oz. eye dropper bottle (with at least one bottle ASAP) $2.00
Add an empty 1-oz. nasal sprayer bottle (with at least one bottle ASAP) $2.50
Add an empty 1-oz. topical sprayer bottle (with at least one bottle ASAP) $2.00
Just get going with this starter pack.
 1 bottle ASAP (10 ppm),  1  8 oz. sprayer top, and 1 book

  Have more serious issues to fight? 

ASAP Plus - Sporicidal strength

ASAP Solution Plus™ (22 ppm) 
(Sporicidal strength)  8 ounce bottle
Suggested Retail Price $48.95

Our Price $34.95 plus S&H

How Many Plus?  22ppm Our Price Click Button
Buy 1 and save $14.00 over suggested retail prices
(Sporicidal strength 22 ppm)
$34.95 +S&H
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and save $32.00 over suggested retail prices
$65.90 +S&H
Buy 3 bottles ($30.95 each) and save $54.00 over suggested retail prices $92.85 +S&H
Buy the book 
“a Fighting Chance” 
by Dr. Gordon Pedersen

ASAP Solution® by American Biotech Labs (ABL) Colloidal Silver FAQs

* What is ASAP Solution®?

ASAP Solution® consists of very tiny (about 10 nanometers long) particles of pure elemental silver suspended in a solution of very pure water, sold in 8-ounce bottles with concentrations of 10 parts of silver for every million parts of water (stated as 10 parts per million or abbreviated as 10 ppm).

* When should I use ASAP Solution® and when should I use ASAP Sporicidal Solution®?

You can use ASAP Solution Plus® anytime you would use ASAP Solution® plus ASAP Solution Plus® should be used when a surface disinfectant is needed or when attempting to kill sporicidal contamination (such as Anthrax). The cost difference between these two products will often dictate the use of ASAP Solution® in-lieu of ASAP Solution Plus®.

* Why should I have ASAP Solution® readily available?

In in-vitro tests, ASAP Solution®, has been proven to have natural antibiotic-like effects on certain types of bacteria. As such, it is useful in the event of an unexpected, sudden exposure to a pathogen.

* What makes ASAP Solution® different from other colloidal silver solutions?

ASAP Solution® is a solution in pure water of very small (10 nanometer) particles of pure, elemental silver, versus the ionic silver as found in most colloidal silver solutions, according to Dr. Ron Leavitt, PhD.

* Is ASAP Solution® safe?

The ASAP Solution® is not toxic to humans either when taken internally or when applied to the skin or eyes, according to the guidelines of the EPA as recorded in EPA 738-R-93-005. In testing done it rats where they were given the equivalent of a 200 pound man taking about 4 full 8-oz bottles of the 10 ppm solution, "there was no mortality or significant evidence of toxicity observed in the rats."  In addition, unlike some other silver based products, the ASAP Solution® is not thought to be a risk for any permanent graying of the skin, also known as argyria, according to Dr. Leavitt.  Argyria, although not a toxic effect, is obviously a very undesirable cosmetic effect.  It can be caused when large amounts of silver are absorbed in the skin tissue and can give it a bluish, grey-blue, or even a black color in extreme instances.

* Has ASAP Solution killed anthrax spores and bacteria in testing?

In testing completed on 18 Dec 2001 by the IIT Research Institute (as reported by the manufacturer in an IITRI report faxed to the USDPI), a total of 33 conical tubes were filled with 4.95 ml of ASAP Solution® at 22 ppm and inoculated with 50 µl of B. anthracis (anthrax) spores resulting in about a 93% reduction of viable anthrax spores (in vitro) at both room and body temperature after 4 hours of exposure and about a 99% reduction of viable anthrax spores at body temperature after 6 hours. This testing appears to confirm that the ASAP Solution® can kill the "hardy" anthrax spores under certain conditions, but does not provide enough data to determine if it would be effective if used internally. It appears that the ASAP Solution® , if nothing else, might have value as a non-toxic surface disinfectant solution. It has the advantage of not being any more caustic than water and is reportedly non-toxic to humans with either internal or external use. Note however, that the ASAP Solution® is not intended to replace any FDA approved or physician recommended antibiotic treatment and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease, like anthrax, at this time (until further testing can show if it is effective and at what dosing and administration and if subsequently approved by the FDA).

* Who should consider using ASAP Solution®?

This product is generally considered safe for any individual (but as always, consult with your physician before taking any mineral supplement). While many have reported that while using the ASAP Solution® they have had dramatic improvements with problems such as food poisoning, mouth sores, sore throats, yeast infections, sinus infections, cuts and scratches, Lyme disease, pink eye, acne, burns, etc., these results have not been verified in FDA approved testing. Hence, the ASAP Solution® is not intended to replace any FDA approved or physician recommended treatment and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease at this time (until further testing can show if it is effective and at what dosing and administration and if subsequently approved by the FDA). An interesting book called The New Silver Solution by Kenneth S. Friedman, Ph.D., provides information and testimonials on how people have reportedly used the new silver solution to help treat the problems described above. 

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