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Toxicity is defined as “the ability of a substance to cause injury to living tissue once it reaches a susceptible site in or on the body.”  Based on this definition, almost all drugs are toxic.  However, when a doctor tells a patient that something “is toxic,” almost always, the patient believes that the doctor means that it can kill you.  Unfortunately, the doctor’s common referral to “too much” vitamins and minerals as toxic is more than often interpreted as meaning that they can be lethal.  For example, most people have been told by their doctor that “too much vitamin-A and too much vitamin-D are toxic.”  It is unfortunate, both because the doctor never tells you the drugs he prescribes are indeed toxic by true definition, and because the vitamins and minerals that he is referring to are scientifically non-toxic when taken in reasonable amounts.  The question then becomes, “just what is a reasonable amount and what is too much?”  Nutritionists believe that the amounts that should be consumed are often 2 to 100 times the recommended daily allowance (RDA).  Scientific testing has shown that such amounts are both safe and effective.  However, when seeking justification for the rash toxic statements, modern medicine resorts to studies where the amounts consumed are tens of thousands of times the RDA.  Of course this is unreasonable if logic were to prevail.

            When one studies the massive scientific documentation on tests carried out by world recognized scientists, one has to almost conclude that there has been a conspiracy to maintain the myth that vitamins and minerals can be harmful to your health.  To present this information in a form that the public could understand would take several books.  However, a discussion is warranted because of the importance of vitamin-D in the prevention of disease and aging, and because of the fact that, except for health stores, it basically remains off of the shelves, and when found, it is only in tiny amounts too small to be effective.  Examples of such studies will be given and comments will be included where warranted for clarification.  *Quoted in the Addendum, pages 189-190, “The Calcium Factor“ (copyright 2002) by Robert Barefoot and Carl Reich, M.D.

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